What We Offer

1-On-1 Personal Training

Get the results you want faster with personal training that is tailored to you. Training 1-on-1 provides you with the most effective workouts allowing our trainer Kirk who has over 12 years of experience to design programs customized to you. With 30-minute, 45-minute, and 1-hour sessions we can get you in for a great workout even with a busy lifestyle!

Kirk will identify and create the best plan for you to effectively reach your goals in the safest and most effective way possible. You will receive the support, and motivation that'll push you to succeed. You won't believe the results you will obtain from training 1-on-1 with Kirk at MTCTrainer.

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Youth Sports and Athletic Development

Becoming the best athlete takes more than skill, for young athletes, performance training may be the most important thing in taking their abilities to the next level. Training 1-on-1 or in the MTCTrainer sports performance class will help athletes work on elements of strength, mobility, speed, agility, injury prevention and mental focus.

Kirk at MTCTrainer has experience training athletes of all levels from beginner to professional. Get the edge on others and reach your full athletic potential.

Wellness Training

Are you in pain, have constant feeling of stiffness, or injured? Kirk at MTCTrainer can help. Kirk at MTCTrainer is certified in many modalities that can help you finally feel better and start moving better. With his 12+ years of experience of learning about human movement, and certifications in KT Tape, instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation, percussive massage and cupping, Kirk will work you through unique and effective ways of decreasing pain and increasing your bodies mobility and function, leaving you feeling great.

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