I've trained with Kirk for a few years and have really appreciated his expertise. He tailors the exercises to my age and level of physical activity. He encourages me and makes it fun to work hard to stay in shape.

Darlene Johnson

I've known Kirk at MTC Trainer for over a decade and seen him work hand in hand with his clients. Not only does he truly care about their well-being, he helps them understand, and get the results that they are looking for. He's helped me a ton with my fitness goals and I highly recommend reaching out to him to help you with yours!

Nathan Symonds

Very punctual, energetic,well informed trainer, knows his stuff and customizes for each body and physique, friendly and supportive,
Best trainer we ever had!

Narendra Patel

Highly recommended for anyone serious in staying or getting healthy and in shape. He's experienced and knowledgeable. Most importantly he will accommodate your schedule. Known him from previous place and now @The Training Factory. Just try him!! As long as you're disciplined you won't be disappointed!


Kirk is awesome! I was frustrated with a nagging injury that was interfering with running and have been so pleased with my progress since working with him. He's knowledgeable, kind, and encouraging. I recommend highly!

Karen Bennett

Kirk has been my trainer for about a month and a half. He is easy to talk to and took the time to determine my needs and goals. I have an old shoulder injury that we've been working on and have made great progress in resolving it. I'm happy to recommend Kirk as a trainer to anyone!

Mitt Bennett

I began training with Kirk about a year ago to strengthen my core and hopefully reduce periodic back and knee pain. I was nervous about doing this, but Kirk's friendliness and easy going manner really helped me. He listened to all my concerns and came up with a plan that is making a BIG difference for me. Kirk is knowledgeable, highly competent and always encouraging.

Cindy Charette

Kirk is great - he keeps things interesting mixing up the work we do and he's knowledgeable about how to modify the workout based on needs or injury. Definitely recommend!

Barbara Clauer

Kirk is great! We came to him a year ago with some goals and he has helped us learn and grow. Now, we know how to safely perform all strength training exercises and major compound lifts. We keep coming back because he knows how to push us to achieve our potential in strength and conditioning while ensuring we are performing all movements with excellent form. If you're looking for a great personal trainer to achieve your fitness goals-Kirk is the answer.

Mike Fisher

I started with Kirk to work on my muscle strength and balance. Both areas have improved under Kirk guidance. Also he made sure I knew how to use the weight equipment properly to avoid injure when I practiced on my own during the week. I recommend Kirk if you are looking for a personal trainer.

Amdree Almer

Have worked with Kirk for over a year now and it's been fantastic. Training sessions are kept varied, and he's attentive to each individual. He's helped others in my family as well and wholeheartedly recommend MTC after their shared experiences as well. The training app was a great help during height of COVID when getting to a gym wasn't always possible. Kirk had created videos of him doing each workout individually that I could use when getting to the gym wasn't possible. All and all though just a great individual who keeps me motivated to improve each session!

Darren Krause

Kirk is a great trainer. He pushes just enough and is sensitive to my limitations. He's always willing to change up my routine, depending on what I need.
I highly recommend him to anyone who wants a personal trainer.

Elizabeth Cutts

Kirk is an invaluable asset. He crafts strength-building programs specific to my needs and helps and motivate me to show up and keep working towards my goals. With my history of injuries, I was unsure how to handle sudden weight gain. Kirk has helped me with pacing to make steady progress without overdoing it. He is skilled, knowledgeable, and has been very flexible and accommodating.

Rachel Soper

I'd highly recommend Kirk! He happens to train my pre-teen daughter several times each week and adds variety and fun to every workout. She really enjoys training with him. He's very patient and positive, and has an excellent way of motivating her to reach her fitness goals.

Cara Wilks

I interned for Mr. Henske and he was extremely nice and engaging with his clients. He likes to keep them distracted in some conversation if the client so chooses while performing exercises or can push them to the amount they wished to be pushed. He's very adaptable to personalized workouts and can always keep it just within reach for a client to achieve. For me when I worked for him he didn't ask me to clean or do minor things around the facility. I was always doing and learning from him which made my experience much more worth while.

Anthony Weykamp

I am really enjoying training with Kirk. He always brings something new to every workout. Great knowledge of what works best with his clients.


I have been training with Kirk for over a month now. His attitude, energy, and encouragement have helped me feel comfortable at the gym, learn about exercise and the impact on my body, and that working out can be a stress reliever! I am excited to continue working with Kirk and am so appreciative of the difference he has made for my relationship with exercise in a short time.

Liz Wegner

Kirk is a great trainer. I am a 74 year old woman who suffered a heart attack in 2020. I lost 32 lbs after that, but I needed strength training to improve endurance and firm up my body. I have been training with Kirk for over a year and have noticed a difference in my stamina. He keeps me motivated to show up twice a week. If I didn't have a trainer, I know myself, and I would have stopped going. I Highly recommend trainer based exercise.


Kirk is an excellent trainer. He helped me through a shoulder injury. He has knowledge about other methods to provide support for recovery while gaining strength through training.

Nilima Kapoor

Kirk is amazing! He has the expertise to train youg athletes for sports and help elderly folks like myself with mobility issues improve our quality of life

Shireen Luther, TomCo Asphalt, Inc

Very knowledgeable and he made working out not intimidating at all. He's helped so much with how to use gym equipment properly and makes sure my program is custom to me and my goals!

Jacklyne Nguyen